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gig list 2015

well look. i've been rubbish at updating / catching up / all sorts.

at the very least, i can c&p this. not the busiest of trumpet years, but then i was on holiday for much of the first 3 months.

1. 07.03.15 New Royal Family @ Pipeline (Rik Mayall convention)
2. 26.03.15 Dom Green Mystery Machine @ 12 Bar
3. 19.04.15 WI @ Paperdressvintage
4. 22.04.15 Thee Faction @ 100 Club
5. 07.05.15 Totp @ Totally Acoustic
6. 25.05.15 WI @ Half Moon (Nepal fundraiser)
7. 25.05.15 Thee Faction @ Half Moon (Nepal fundraiser)
8. 06.06.15 Totp @ Water Rats (supporting Dream Themes)
9. 12.06.15 Penny Orchids @ Paperdressvintage
10. 27.06.15 Thee Faction @ Glasto! (Left Field)
11. 30.06.15 WI @ Fidler’s Elbow
12. 04.07.15 Thee Faction @ Matchwomen’s Festival
13. 19.07.15 Thee Faction @ Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival
14. 31.07.15 Penny Orchids @ Standon Calling Festival (Autumn Shift stage)
15. 12.08.15 WI @ Power Lunches
16. 21.08.15 Thee Faction @ Union Chapel (Corbyn fundraiser)
17. 12.09.15 WI @ Hackney Baths
18. 19.09.15 Totp @ The George Tavern
19. 26.09.15 Totp @ Lexington (Rick’s 40th)
20. 26.09.15 WI @ Lexington (Rick’s 40th)
21. 02.10.15 Keith Totp @ Nambucca (WSO weekend)
22. 02.10.15 Thee Faction @ Nambucca (WSO weekend)
23. 03.10.15 WI @ Silver Bullet (WSO weekend)
24. 04.10.15 Thee Faction @ Le Pub (WSO weekend)
25. 06.10.15 Thee Faction @ Blues Kitchen
26. 31.10.15 Dom Green’s Fright School @ Paperdressvintage
27. 07.11.15 Thee Faction @ Wharf Chambers, Leeds
28. 14.11.15 WI @ LaDIYfest, Manchester
29. 27.11.15 WI album launch @ Bread & Roses
30. 29.11.15 Thee Faction @ Londonwick (New Cross)
31. 05.12.15 WI @ Guided Missile
32. 11.12.15 Pop Out Yule Stars @ Paperdressvintage (xmas songs)
33. 13.12.15 Thee faction @ Star of Kings (supporting Grace Petrie)
34. 19.12.15 Thee Faction @ Rich Mix (Scroogenomics)

1. 07.03.15 Thee Faction video shoot
2. 12.04.15 Totp @ Dean St
3. 20.05.15 Penny Orchids @ A&O
4. 08-09.05.15 WI @ Dean St
5. 16.09.15 WI mansplaining video @ Brixton Hill

Bands played with:
1. New Royal Family = 1
2. Dom Green Mystery Machine = 1
3. WI = 10
4. Thee Faction = 13
5. Keith TOTP = 5
6. Penny Orchids = 2
7. Dom Green’s Fright school = 1
8. Pop Out Yule Stars = 1

(in other news, lammo has played the wimmins' instute on his 6 show twice now! two different songs. exciting times! ;) )

(WAIT! i can't do public posts any more? what have i messed up?)

gig list 2014

(slightly delayed!)

Gig List 2014

1. 07.01.14 the traps, fierce panda thing @ buffalo bar
2. 22.01.14 totp @ monarch
3. 14.03.14 the traps single launch @ the Lexington
4. 20.03.14 morley swing band @ morley college
5. 26.03.14 menswe@r @ bush hall (sleeping in, shine, the boy who stayed inside, stardust)
6. 29.03.14 totp @ bird’s nest, deptford
7. 30.03.14 venus nights charity show @ matcham room, hippodrome
8. 01.04.14 charley’s classic covers @ all coop’d up
9. 01.04.14 penny orchids @ all coop’d up
10. 02.05.14 totp @ monarch
11. 03.05.14 penny orchids @ new cross inn
12. 06.05.14 mystery fax machine orchestra @ bgwmc
13. 06.05.14 indelicates @ bgwmc
14. 05.06.14 totp@ buffalo bar (bardingmas)
15. 06.06.14 penny orchids @ paperdressvintage
16. 14.06.14 thee faction @orgreave picnic, Barnsley
17. 18.06.14 thee faction @buffalo bar
18. 10.07.14 morley swing band @morley college
19. 31.07.14 penny orchids @12 bar
20. 02.08.14 penny orchids @kate’s wedding
21. 07.09.14 thee faction@ burston strike centenary rally
22. 12.09.14 penny orchids @ new cross inn
23. 13.09.14 thee faction @ Walthamstow festival
24. 14.09.14 totp @ the Lexington supporting dream themes
25. 17.10.14 noelle & sam’s wedding processional (got to get you into my life)
26. 31.10.14 thee faction @ le pub, newport
27. 27.11.14 totp @ buffalo bar supporting desperate journalist
28. 05.12.14 penny orchids @ new cross inn
29. 10.12.14 thee faction @ barnstormer
30. 15.12.14 thee faction @ half moon

1. Totp bingo session 24.02.14
2. Totp xmas EP and album bits 16.11.14
3. Thee faction album 22 – 24.11.14

Bands played with:
thee faction = 7
penny orchids = 7
keith totp = 6
the traps = 2
morley swing band = 2
menswe@r = 1
Venus nights band = 1
charley’s classic covers = 1
mystery fax machine orchestra = 1
the indelicates = 1
solo = 1

the same amount of buffalo bar gigs as out of town gigs, factfans!

kafka on the shore

14. kafka on the shore - murakami

kind of a love story / whodunnit across time and space? very murakami. very good.


gig list 2013 (it's been a busy year.)

1. 12.01.13 thee faction, fox’s 40th hootenanny @ half moon
2. 26.01.13 the traps, calypso single launch @ sebright arms

3. 02.02.13 thee faction, podrophenia roadshow @ the railway, southend-on-sea
4. 03.02.13 thee faction, philosophy football stalingrad bash @ rich mix, bethnal green
5. 06.02.13 rebekah delgado @ water rats
6. 08.02.13 deptford beach babes, club kaleido @ the pipeline

7. 07.03.13 the traps @ monarch
8. 16.03.13 deptford beach babes @ paper dress vintage
9. 29.03.13 thee faction @ le pub, newport

10. 16.04.13 totp @ hope & anchor
11. 18.04.13 totp @ bull & gate
12. 20.04.13 rebekah delgado @ the fallen angel
13. 25.04.13 totp acoustic @ camden head (indelicates album launch)
14. 27.04.13 thee faction @ the borderline (supporting the men that will not be blamed for nothing)

15. 04.05.13 totp, molotow hamburg (supporting art brut)
16. 06.05.13 totp, lido berlin (supporting art brut)
17. 07.05.13 totp, schocken Stuttgart (supporting art brut)
18. 08.05.13 totp, atomic cafe munich (supporting art brut)
19. 11.05.13 dbb @ the others
20. 16.05.13 keith totp @ windmill (supporting we are the physics)
21. 20.05.13 the traps @ cargo
22. 22.05.13 thee faction, bb’s birthday @ buffalo bar
23. 26.05.13 penny orchids, now we are festival @ the public, west bromwich
24. 26.05.13 thee faction, now we are festival @ the public, west bromwich
25. 26.05.13 the traps, now we are festival @ the public, west bromwich
26. 29.05.13 totp @ the scala (supporting art brut)
27. 30.05.13 totp, paul gm’s birthday @ buffalo bar

28. 01.06.13 dbb @ Ma’s wedding
29. 01.06.13 totp @ Ma’s wedding
30. 07.06.13 totp @ pipeline, klub kaleido
31. 22.06.13 dbb@ paper dress vintage
32. 23.06.13 thee faction @ duke of wellington, shoreham
33. 27.06.13 totp@ buffalo bar (indelicates album launch)

34. 06.07.13 thee faction, matchwomens festival @ bishopsgate institute
35. 13.07.13 dbb @ hootenanny
36. 20.07.13 dom green mystery machine @ windmill (gracetonbury)
37. 20.07.13 totp @ windmill (gracetonbury)
38. 21.07.13 totp @ boogaloo

39. 09.08.13 penny orchids @ paper dress vintage
40. 23.08.13 totp @ lexington (w joanne joanne)
41. 29.08.13 rebekah delgado @ bedroom bar

42. 06.09.13 thee faction @ walthamstow festival
43. 18.09.13 thee faction @ backyard bar, bubble club
44. 20.09.13 keith totp @ buffalo bar
45. 27.09.13 the traps album launch @ sebright arms
46. 30.09.13 totp @ rescue rooms, nottingham (supporting art brut)

47. 05.10.13 thee faction @ Barnsley, orgreave truth & justice gig
48. 18.10.13 thee faction @ le pub, newport
49. 25.10.13 totp @ windmill

50. 02.11.13 famous cocks @ buffalo bar (ant convention)
51. 04.11.13 totp @ forum, tunbridge wells (supporting art brut)
52. 06.11.13 totp @ the horn, st albans (supporting art brut)
53. 07.11.13 totp @ esquires, bedford (supporting art brut)
54. 09.11.13 the traps supporting plan b @ watford colloseum
55. 16.11.13 penny orchids @ union chapel (daylight music)
56. 28.11.13 totp @ buffalo bar
57. 28.11.13 thee faction @ buffalo bar (single launch)
58. 29.11.13 penny orchids @ paper dress vintage

59. 07.12.13 thee faction – philosophy football xmas bash @ rich mix
60. 10.12.13 the traps @ the shacklewell arms
61. 13.12.13 thee faction @ paper dress vintage (meyer dancers)
62. 14.12.13 totp @ the windmill (battitude)
63. 17.12.13 the traps @ the macbeth

bands played with:
1. keith totp (24)
2. thee faction (16)
3. the traps (8)
4. deptford beach babes (6)
5. penny orchids (4)
6. rebekah delgado (3)
7. the dom green mystery machine (1)
8. the famous cocks (1)
9. morley swing band (0) (i'm kind of counting them because even though our end of term concert was cancelled, we played it for freddy, the old guitarist who'd popped into say hello.) (an audience of 1 is still an audience, right?)

...and i seem to have spent the most time at: buffalo bar (7); the windmill (5), paper dress vintage (5). which isn't that bad, really. though i feel a bit like i've spent half my life at the buffalo bar the facts do not support this!

(may looks mega-busy but it did involve TOUR! and a festival.)

only a little bit of recording this year. well this: most of a thee faction album; a couple of tracks for penny orchids; a christmas e.p. for keith; one track for rebekah delgado.


hmmm, i'm probably asking in *completely* the wrong place, but is anyone vaguely interested in the high voltage festival in victoria park?


OH YEAH, and if you aren't going to glastonbury, well done. there is a beach babes gig supporting the fabulous penetrators (no idea, no) at the buffalo bar. no mud. near my house. HEAVEN.


everything i do, i do it for you...

inspired by a conversation with catsgomiaow over the weekend, itself inspired in turn by one of those freaky trigger dudes listening to everything i do sixteen times in a row (it's no thunder road, kids) and because i have some stupid inability to post somewhere new...

who wants some christian slater fan art??

i blimming loved robin hood: prince of thieves. yes, mainly because of mr slater. it was the first video i ever bought for myself, indeed, i think i saved up for it. (mentioned somewhere in those teenage diaries and all...)

i watched it repeatedly. and at one point i paused it, so i could do a water colour portrait of will scarlet. now, i had a little look around the flat for my ancient a3 sketch pad and came away empty handed, so i fear it is Long Gone, alas, but luckily for you i seem to have already scanned it into an ancient photobucket account.

it is worse than i remember:Collapse )

when he starred in one flew over the cuckoo's nest in the west end i was determined to meet him. (see icon.) i also considered taking this along for him to sign. (you may remember me posting here about it.) with the benefit of hindsight, i'm pretty glad i didn't.

(i did manage to get myself ONE AWAY from him in a kissing way, ask me further in real life.)

and here is a bonus piece of 'art'Collapse )


you know that beach in the video for everything i do? it's in the uk somewhere. devon or cornwall or similar. my mum and brothers went there, and brought me back a rock / big pebble. i used it as a door stop for YEARS.


dear christian, if you're reading this, will you marry me now?

hurt myself to get pain out

it takes a very special sort of talent to re-open yesterday's papercut THAT precisely and accurately, i'll have you know.


(other things i have learnt about my body over the past few days: sore wrists and sausage fingers are a sign of dehydration; my pupils are IMMENSE generally (either that or i've started to get high off exercise oh god help me...)


Apr. 13th, 2011

it's friday today, right? RIGHT?


6. wordwatching - alex horne

you know i love words, right? and also comedy? brilliant combination. alex horne is lovely. he is a BIG OLD GEEK and plays the french horn. i saw the 1hr edinburgh show related to this book a couple of years back and blinking loved it.

basically, he (and some carefully selected chums) made up / reappropriated some words and are trying to get them into the actual dictionary. it can be done, there is precedent, as the highly entertaining appendix demonstrates.

anyway, this book is certainly not bollo, and if you've seen me sniggering to myself repeately on the tube in the mornings it's *not* because i've been on a mental safari or anything, it's just very funny indeed.


Jan. 7th, 2011

hello the internet.

i like you, the internet.

you've amused me quite a lot over the last couple of days.

as you were, the internet.

(thank you.)
  • running when it is this cold is a foolish game, especially if you have weak lungs.
  • i still have weak lungs.
  • victoria line platform at oxford circus station to my flat via the drycleaners = 5 thunder roads precisely. (yes, this really is my new hobby.)
  • wind in the wires needs to be listened to beginning to end and does not work on random.
  • my losing stuff powers know no bounds.
  • wine may not be the culprit for all black outs. last night = red wine. i remember all. hmmm. think again.

    things i thought i'd never say:

    i think i'm bored of wonderful christmastime

    (at least there's always bruuuuuuuuce's version of santa claus is coming to town for festive cheer!)

    it would appear my wallet is not in my handbag. it had better be at home :/

    how incredibly satisfying.
    happy birthday daddy lennon! i hope you're ok in the cupboard beneath the stairs basement now i don't live there.

    it's friday, why not, eh?

    i trust you've all seen this?

    i would very much rather be listening to this than the current biffy clyro single. (sorry biffy.) but still no sound card. listen to this, for me, please?


    now THAT'S how to use autotune.


    gone fishin'.

    back monday. (not this one.)

    see you then, or some of youse in cornwall.

    i love gypsy hotel. i do not love my sore head.



    PSA - gypsy hotel sunday

    we are on at 9.45, i think!


    spam is annoying, yes. but every now and then it'll come with a title such as 'may the foreskin be with you' and raise a little smile.

    i said smile.


    there is a magic tube that leaves finsbury park just after 8.15am. i caught it today. it is somehow always practically empty.

    my commute is so much happier for knowing this.

    (and also because i have finally charged my ipod and meatloaf and weezer accompanied me on my journey.)

    i finished my sci-fi exploration!

    books read so far this yearCollapse )

    13. the algebraist - iain m banks
    oooh look, the first author repeated on my (puny little) list... i love iain banks's books. this is my first foray into his iain m banks catalogue. because i am scared of sci-fi. not sure why. it's quite my favourite thing to watch on television. reading it is somehow different. i think it's possibly plunging yourself into a world of 'other', made up aliens, planets and galaxies. things you can't quite picture. words you have no idea how to pronounce.

    (funnily enough i've read plenty of fantasy. but then, we're brought up on tales of fairies, elves and goblins, aren't we? they're all REAL.)

    anyway. this book is EXCELLENT and i loved it. it caused me to almost miss my tube stop several times, and have to do that embarrassed leg-it-off-before-the-doors-close thing. there's all sorts of intergalactic war nonsense, and the race that hold the key are beings that have been around pretty much forever, have lifespans of billions of years, and live on most gas giants across the universe.

    words are slipping out...

    my favourite surprise of the WHOLE book was in fact these creatures. they are called Dwellers. spoilers if you careCollapse )

    anyway, there's no point me even trying to review books, i'm rub at it. and not much point me bimbling on about made up places and things, for they'll mean nothing to you unless you've read the book. and if you've read it, you'll know it's jolly good indeed.


    so, i'm quite in the mood for sci-fi. WHAT SHOULD I READ? nb: - i don't want anything that's part of a series. that's one step geek too far. stand alone novels only. (i think d has another stand alone iain m banks somewhere.)



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